Telldus Start-Up Kit Z-Wave v2 – 433MHz & Z-Wave

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Start-Up Kit with high flexibility! For anyone who wants to get started with their smart home, we offer a flexible start-up kit with multiple technologies and compatible with over 500 devices from different brands in addition to our own products. Telldus new start-up kit is based on our latest gateway, TellStick ZNet Lite v2, which supports both Z-Wave technology and 433.92MHz and provides maximum compatibility for both devices and sensors. The two included Plug-In Switches are built on Z-Wave.

What is Z-Wave?
Z-Wave is a technology that offers greater security for the smart home than 433.92MHz. Another advantage of Z-Wave is that it acts as a mesh network, which means that the more devices that are connected, the longer the range becomes.

Three months Premium Access is included
In addition to the products, we also include a three month subscription of Premium Access to Telldus Live!, our interface to the smart home. It gives access to several smart features, extended statistics and information, including unlimited history for sensors, increased flexibility for creating automated events and the ability to send email and SMS.

Voice control via Google Home and Amazon Alexa
For those who want voice control, it is possible to enable through Google Home and Amazon Alexa. By voice commands it is then possible to control devices on, off and dim to a specified level.

Technical specifications TellStick Znet Lite v2:
Range: Up to 30 meters
Frequency: 868.42MHz (EU) (transmit & receive) + 433.92MHz (transmit & receive)
Z-Wave chip: 500 Plus
Power supply: 5V DC / 1A (adapter included)
Necessary cables included

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